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Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation awards $10,000 grant to Mt. Lebanon School District

May 16, 2012, 2:11 pm

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Contact: Audrey Bode, Executive Director
412-337-0225; abode@mtlebanonendowment.org

Mt. Lebanon, PA (May 15, 2012) – Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation (MLCF)  has awarded a $10,000 grant to Mt. Lebanon School District to fund a portion of a feasibility study. The grant is from the Mt. Lebanon Community Impact Fund.

The School District feasibility study will assess the viability of a capital campaign, and appropriate strategies for conducting it.  Contributions to the campaign would be used to offset existing costs of the Mt. Lebanon Senior High School renovation, as well as build a permanent endowment to support curriculum and other educational needs of the district.

“The Mt. Lebanon School District’s expressed its desire to conduct a successful capital campaign in order to reduce the tax burden associated with the high school renovation and benefit all residents of Mt. Lebanon, especially our most vulnerable citizens” said Joseph King, President of MLCF’s Board of Directors.  “At Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation, we strive to support the priorities of the community and its residents and support projects that will give current, past, and future residents a meaningful and long-lasting sense of pride in the distinctive qualities of this wonderful community.”

About Mt. Lebanon Community Foundationwww.mtlebanonendowment.org. Through contributions from individuals, families and organizations, Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation works to build a permanent fund to support programs and services for the Mt. Lebanon community and its residents, and preserve its unique character.   As an independent 501(c)(3) public charity, MLCF focuses upon three areas:

Families and Children—providing them with the help they need to be strong and functional, and supporting Youth to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Senior Citizens—providing them with opportunities to employ their energy and creativity, and addressing their social and physical needs so that none lack access to services and activities of their choosing.

Community Life—sustaining and enhancing the amenities that make Mt. Lebanon a good place to live; supporting cultural, artistic, aesthetic and recreational programs and institution; and funding efforts that promote community and civility.


Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation Makes Grant to Veterans Memorial

February 14, 2011, 2:49 pm

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The Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it has made a grant of $1,000 to the Mt. Lebanon Veterans Memorial.

“We are delighted that the Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation is contributing to the Veterans Memorial campaign,” stated Dan Gigler, Chairman of the Veterans Memorial Fundraising Committee.  ”Dale Colby was instrumental in his vision for both the Veterans Memorial and the Community Endowment, and through the efforts of many, his ideas have come to fruition.”

“The Veterans Memorial exemplifies the mission of the Community Endowment,” said Ruby Kang, Endowment President, “to preserve, sustain and enhance the unique qualities that distinguish Mt. Lebanon.  We also wanted to honor the memory of one of our founders, Dale Colby, who provided early and undaunted leadership to both of our organizations.”

For more information about the Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation visit the Foundation’s website at www.mtlebanonendowment.org or contact Ruby Kang at 412-973-0222.

Mt. Lebanon Public Library Receives First Grant from Newly Formed Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation

September 26, 2009, 12:00 pm

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The Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it has selected the Mt. Lebanon Public Library as the recipient of its first grant. “The Mt. Lebanon Public Library is exactly the type of organization that we had in mind in forming the Community Endowment,” said, Ruby Kang, Endowment President, “we aim to support worthy programs that serve a diverse spectrum of the community, especially when traditional funding sources start to dry up.”

“We were thrilled to be selected for the Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation’s first grant,” said Cindy Richey, Library Director. “2009 was one of the most difficult years in recent memory with regard to budgets, and the support of community organizations such as the Foundation has been a tremendous lift.” The Library grant was announced at an estate planning seminar hosted by the Foundation at the Library on September 26, 2009. The “big check” remains on display at the main checkout desk of the Library.

The Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and was established to build and manage a permanent fund to bridge the growing gap between shrinking budgets and the increasing costs of maintaining the community’s character. Its objective is to provide a sustainable philanthropic vehicle that preserves and enhances the community for current and future generations.

The Foundation seeks to work collaboratively with donors and the community, providing an opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to leave a lasting legacy for the very community that fostered their own growth and prosperity. The Community Endowment supports the community by making grants to programs, organizations and individuals in need.

For more information about the Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation contact Ruby Kang at 412-973-0222 or visit the Foundation’s website at www.mtlebanonendowment.org.